Our Story

This is the story of how "Jewellery Palace" was born.

In 2006 I stepped out of the Gemological Institute of America ( GIA ) ready to transform the jewellery industry. Armed with the prestigious credentials of a Graduate Gemologist ( GG ) and the exposure to New York's extravagant jewellery industry, I felt ready to tackle the jewellery world.
My home country of Trinidad, in the lovely Caribbean, was the perfect place to start. I was the first Graduate Gemologist ( GG ) from GIA on the island. My family already had one retail jewellery store and I could introduce many new concepts to the country. I began working in the industry and never stopped. My parents' support and experience combined with my knowledge, was a great combination for success. Even with the 2008 economic collapse, our company was able to open a second outlet.
Our company continued to do very well as I applied all the best practices ingrained in GIA GG. I got married in 2010, and with the added support of my wife by my side, we were able to take the company to new heights. Five years later our company had five outlets, with one being the largest jewellery store in the country.

Our drive to find the best products took us to all corners of the world. After years of working in the jewellery industry we created connections with some of the most amazing manufacturers globally. We wanted to bring together a collection of all these great pieces so our customers could find exactly what they were looking for. However with the impact of a pandemic, it was no longer possible for us to connect with our loyal customers the way we did, and so "Jewellery Palace" was born.

Buying jewellery can be a daunting task. We hope the Jewellery Palace can help you to overcome any doubts you have about buying jewellery. Our mission has always been to help our customers, to guide them, and ensure they are happy with their purchase. Honesty is the backbone of our company.
To all our loyal customers, I thank you, we will continue our wonderful journey together. To all those who are new to us, I say welcome and I hope you give us the chance to gain your trust and loyalty.
Welcome to the Ultimate Online Jewellery Shopping Experience.

Yours Sincerely
Sandeep R. Singh, GIA GG
Jewellery Palace